At JW Media, I was tasked with assisting clients in sending print-ready files to the printer, or assist in designing a new media for them to print.


Most clients that want brochures chose tri-folds over bi-folds, and most of these clients do not have a design already created for their brochures. The most important things in creating these brochures were to double check the spelling and to keep a flow in reading brochures in the correct order.

Business Cards

Because of the pricing for business cards, a large majority of clients contacted the store to order business cards. As simple as business cards are, it was very important for the cards to have readability and consistency to them.

Large Format

Some of the media in large format include banners, large menus, stickers and outside signage. One of the most difficult media of all of the large medias were the large menus. These had a great amount of content; spelling errors will not be missed if they were present. Also any inconsistencies could be more easily spotted.

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