During the beginning of my freelance work, clients came to me to create image sets for their Amazon products. Most of them requested to have 4-9 images in my deliverable sets.


This client wanted an image set for a dog leash. This dog leash is made out a tough leather, and prevents tugging the leashed dog. It also gives the owner a better grip in closely hanging on to their companion.

Mushy Mushy

Mushy Mushy created products for parents that had a baby, or two, to take care of. They specifically wanted to sell a multipurpose backpack to serve a high purpose to pack as much as possible, with the efficiency of holding it on multiple places.

Microfiber Towels

These microfiber towels have a very high quality in its material, and it was created for multiple purposes. This can be used as a camping towel, a beach towel, or even a bath towel.

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