Most of my time in freelancing included creating logos for clients, which aided in expanding my versatility in design.

Fire & Ice

Originally set to be in Iceland, this brand wanted to create outdoor products which assisted in both hot and cold climates. The concept of the logo was required to show both elements of fire and ice.


Portiva is a transcription company mainly for doctors to make recording their reports much easier. The concept of this company was professional communication, which had me use a lighter and calm tone of blue.


Focused on sports equipment, Revivl wanted to show quality in its product. The cleanliness of the whole design, as well as a less playful red, shows that these product can have so much energy, but at the same time have longevity.

Enthusiast Chef

This client wanted a logo that focused on an obsessed home chef solution brand. Enthusiast Chef targeted home chefs, ages 25-45, to escape from work to cook (for fun, not because they have to). The concept for this logo had a mustache for "fun", with the cross skulls style to target the male audience.

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