Entering Vape Society Supplies as a graphic designer, I already had some experience in aspects of design. Working there over time greatly increased my design skills, particularly in web.

Image Sets

As a graphic designer, I incorporated photography into the products. I took the pictures of products and gave elements of movements to emphasize its flavors. With those images, I create an image set for the pictures taken to be displayed on the website.

Web Banner (Desktop)

One of the main formats I create web banners on, desktop format has the widest dimension to work with. Depending on the concept, I create the concepts beginning in desktop format.

Web Banner (Mobile)

Throughout the years, more and more people shop online on their phones. Because of this, a mobile format is also crucial in web design. This format is great as I can check on the design on my phone as well.

Social Media

Even though these banners are created for the website, others are notified of any specials or new products through social media. Mostly working with Instagram, other designs created for the website were also created in a format suitable for Instagram.

Themed Banners

With upcoming holidays, I create banners for those holidays to indicate a sale coming up. Some of these holidays include Veteran's Day, Easter, Halloween, and more.

Using Format