Perfect Scoop (Jones/Warm Springs) needed an identity for its store so that customers know what this store was about.


Perfect Scoop wants a new identity to attract friends and families to a place where they feel like they can bond together, and even strengthen those bonds.


Requiring to use an animal for the logo, I decided to use a penguin. The penguin mainly symbolizes family, and penguins live in the cold. The orange color is used as a "fun" color, a color that attracts the kids. The color of the ice cream cone and boba drink unifies the two main products that they offer.

Business Cards

Business Cards were created as a means of contact the manager or owner for any questions or concerns. A stamp card was also created in the back as a "loyalty" system.


The establishment allowed their employees to wear any casual clothing, as long as they were following health regulations. This created confusion with who actually works there. T-Shirts were made to differentiate between employee and customer.


The only signage the store had was a banner above the storefront. There were no stickers or any other signs to point where the store was. A door sticker and outside sign was created for those purposes.

Using Format